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In construction

  • Just 25% of the weight if a conventional wall hence easy to install
  • Non-messy dry construction. waste handling becomes easy and economical
  • Allows parallel construction activities at site
  • Saves water. Eliminates curing time and cost
  • Does not require beam system for support so allows flexibility in future layout changes

In Cost Savings

  • 33% faster construction than conventional wall. Savings in project costs due to timely completion
  • Structural cost savings

In Energy Savings

  • Better building envelope performance
  • Energy efficient interiors


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A wall that is erected with Fibre Cement Boards using a framing system is called a Drywall. It is best suited to the modern trend of fast-track construction schedule as it is light, easy to handle and eliminates ‘drying time’ associated with brick and mortar construction. Ideal for non-load bearing walls, drywall control the cost while maintaining the highest quality standards and aids better co-ordination between all construction activities.

At Everest, we understand that when you make a building you make it for life. That is why we bring you walls that last. With Everest Drywall Systems, your construction is strong, sturdy and safe from moisture and termites. Further, it takes care of your comfort by providing protection from unwanted noise, fire, heat and impact.

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