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Everest Ceiling Solution

Today, a ceiling is much more than just a covering for steel or RCC structures. It is a multipurpose surface that serves in terms of thermal, acoustic, light reflectance and ease of maintenance. Ceilings are also no longer restricted to interiors but are also installed in open areas like soffit linings, external corridors, porticos, driveways, etc. and thus, need to be weather resistant as well. At Everest, we understand how you need different ceilings for different spaces. This is why Everest Ceiling Solutions is the ideal answer to all that you need and desire from your ceiling and the perfect complement to your space!

Everest offers Standard Ceilings and pre-painted Designer Ceilings. All finishing choices are available in ivory (painted white and ready-to-use) making these boards easy to install and access. Everest also offers pre-coated grids and accessories to install these ceilings.

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