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Gypsum Board used for quick installation Specthrum

Gypsum Board

These are standard plasterboard which is used in lining, drywall, and ceiling.


USGBoral range of Plasterboards:


  • Standard Type
  • Moisture resistant Type
  • Fire-resistant Type
  • Aluminum foil laminated Type
  • Sound absorption control Type
  • ImpacBoard


Features and Benefits

  • Adaptable to wall and ceiling needs without beam structure
  • Lightweight to reduce the structural base of construction
  • Ability to install quickly and withstand weather conditions
  • Permits flexibility to develop varied ceiling shapes
  • Resistant to fire for better functionality
  • Environment friendly and non-hazardous
  • Re-used without affecting environs
  • USG BORAL Gypsum Boards offers maximum flexibility to develop mottled ceiling shapes
  • Lightweight product that reduces the structural base of a construction system
  • High level of durability to suit every kind of climatic condition
  • USG BORAL Gypsum Boards have earned recognition for quick installation and withstanding varied weather conditions for extensive support.

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