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Click N Lock Aresto

Welspun Click N Lock Tiles has an innovative locking system for an easy and fast floating installation method. A floating installation saves you labor and material costs, eliminating adhesive, solvent and cleaning; it also cuts down on installation time and allows you to walk on your floor immediately after work completion.
Floating Installation for Welspun Click N Lock Tiles can be done over most existing sub-floors – vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stone and epoxy*. Welspun Click N Lock Tiles uses an angled locking system which is a strong and robust, mechanical and glue-free.


Click N Lock Tiles is an upgrade over Luxury Vinyl Tiles flooring. The main ingredient in our Click N Lock Tiles is its Stone Polymer composite core. This composition of stone infused with polymer molecules, act as a binding agent, giving us the best in class strength and makes the tiles waterproof and UV resistant.

In addition, the presence of polymer makes the limestone mouldable enabling us to put the locking system right at the manufacturing stage. This means we are able to make thinner tiles while maintaining the strength and durability of the locking mechanism. This makes our Click N Lock Tiles lighter by weight, thereby reducing the construction and transportation costs.

The lack of any organic material makes our products antimicrobial and termite-proof. Also, every one of our Click N Lock Tiles products are made of 15% recyclable material which makes our tiles more sustainable than existing products in the market.

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